Dance in Bushwick X CreateART X Venn @Wyckoff Manor

Saturday, November 2nd, 2020 from 8pm until late

Dance in Bushwick and CreateART are teaming up once more to bring you a special night of dance, music in one of Venn Bushwick’s most remarkable spaces. Join us at Wyckoff Manor to see what magic our Artists in Residence have been cooking up, and to get closer to our dance community in a space that will transport you to another World! Featuring dance work and music from:



Tickets $15 in advance // $20 on the door

Donation Based Bar

Wyckoff Manor - 1022 Wyckoff Ave (Off the Halsey St L train stop)


Photo by Alfredo Chiarappa

Photo by Alfredo Chiarappa

Angelo Vasta (Film)

Angelo Vasta is an Italian filmmaker and videographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He mostly works with dance companies and performing artists, creating videos that combine his love for art and cinematography with an innate passion for dance and movement. His works includes short films, music and promotional videos, behind-the-scenes and documentaries amongst others.

In 'Untitled' Angelo Vasta is inspired by ''nchiuitina', a sicilian tradition (no longer in use) in which marriage was violently imposed by a pretender on a young woman against her will. Through dance and movement the director stages a classic scenario for such custom: the young boy breaks into the lady's family home once nobody else is present and by making her scream, he knows that the whole village will consider her now 'dishonored' and impure; at this point the girl has no other choice but merry him. This rough cut of the movie was produced, shot and edited in just 3 days in the summer of 2019 in Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily as part of CICI Film Festival. After having worked with professional dancers for many years, Angelo Vasta wanted to challenge himself by collaborating with a cast that had no dance training whatsoever. In fact, the actors were recruited amongst the habitants of the little town and directed by him in their body movements. The original score was made by Nino Ciaravino, a local music composer.

SALZMANN - poster 1.jpeg

Stephanie Crousillat & Jeff Docimo (Film)

Stephanie Crousillat is a performer based in New York City and also earned her BFA in photography from Montclair State University. She has performed in Punchdrunk's Sleep No More (2015-2019), as well as the Johannes Wieland Company at the Staatstheater Kassel. She has been featured in commercials, music videos  and has worked with major artists such as Sir Paul McCartney, Madonna, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Janelle Monae and Mumford and Sons, as well as the film adaptation of In The Heights. The West Side Story Revival, premiering February 2020, will be her broadway debut. 

Originally from Connecticut, Jeff earned his BFA from New World School of the Arts, and received further training with Rubberbandance Group. He has been a performer in Punchdrunk's production of 'Sleep No More' since 2015. Jeff has also worked with artists such as Peter Chu, Bryan Arias, and Madboots Dance. 


Director: Stephanie Crousillat

Collaborators: Alessia Ruffolo & Jeff Docimo

Music: George Lam & Zach Herchen

Text: Plato’s Symposium & Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore 

Instagram: @stephaniecrousillatphotography @jdocimo

SALZMANN is heavily influenced by Plato’s Symposium, one of the most compelling philosophical examinations of love. This dance film, which was created in early 2018, focuses in on the journey that two individuals, whom once were bound together, take to reconnect with one another, ultimately becoming whole again.

Kelly Ashton Todd (Film)

Kelly Todd is a native of Houston, TX. She received a BFA in Modern Dance from Texas Christian University and a Double Minor in Biology and Environmental Science. She currently performs with the critically-acclaimed, award winning off-broadway show Sleep No More. Along with performing, she also teaches Mindfulness and Sex Education at Waterfront Montessori School in Jersey City, NJ. She is currently in development for an environmental dance film series, Under Review, which highlights the threatened American National Monuments that are threatened to be opened for industrial development.

Title: Under Review: Gold Butte

Director/Creator/Producer/Choreographer: Kelly Todd

Director of Photography: Derrick Belcham

Dancers: Evelyn Chen and Jenna Saccurato

Sound Design: Marc Cardarelli

Poem by: Nick Dillenburg

Voice Over: Tori Sparks



Instagram: @kellyashtontodd

Released on Earth Day, April 22, 2019 - Under Review: Gold Butte is the first film in an environmental dance film series that showcases the American National Monuments that are threatened to be opened for industrial development. By drawing attention to public lands that are under review by President Trump, the series aims to increase public awareness of the threatened lands and promote protection of our nation's disappearing wild lands. On December 4, 2017, the President drastically reduced the size of two national monuments in Utah to allow for oil and gas development: Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante. This reduction puts 25 other national monuments and 40 national parks at risk for oil and gas extraction, mining, logging and commercial development, destroying the already limited untouched wildlife and nature in this country.

Under Review: Gold Butte, takes place in Gold Butte National Monument outside of Mesquite, Nevada. The story uses mythology from the Paiute tribe to convey the dichotomy between governmental corruption and the earth's natural purity. Gold Butte's choreography explores three underlying schematics for movement - geological events, Paiute folklore of the wolf and coyote, and the oscillating dynamics of a symbiotic relationship.

Photo by Grace Mallet

Photo by Grace Mallet

DZ Maciel (Dance)
Moving through dance, theater, speech, and song Debbie Z Maciel creates deeply relatable, and thought-provoking dance-theater work through her company DZ Maciel. Her work appeals to the humanity in us with a cocktail of introspection, exposition, tenderness, and humor. DZ Maciel has been seen at at The Kennedy Center Millenium Stage; The Smithsonian Arts & Industries Building; Dixon Place; Situations Gallery; Triskelion Arts; Creative Cultural Center; the Center for Performance Research; Theater Lab NYC; University of Florida; and the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and has been produced by Sarasota Contemporary Dance, Primitive Studios, and NYC Women’s Art Collective. Her choreography was also seen in R&B artist Gallant’s music video for Sharpest Edges.

Title: sucknblow

Choreographer/director: DZ Maciel

Names of performers: DZ Maciel, Libby Wolf


Instagram: @dz.maciel


sucknblow is a quirky explorative duet that is exactly what it sounds like: just two people developing a relationship through sucking in air, and blowing it out. 

Photo by Noah Lewis

Photo by Noah Lewis

Morgaine De Leonardis - Resident Artist (Dance)

Morgaine De Leonardis is a Brooklyn based Performer, Creative Director, and Producer. Originally from Jersey City, New Jersey, Morgaine received her BFA in Dance and Choreography from Temple University in the Spring of 2017. She currently dances for independent choreographer Lucy Kerr. As a producer she is currently working on a film project and an immersive show with premiers in 2020 and 2021. Morgaine has had the pleasure of sharing her independent and collaborative work at SMUSH Gallery, Arete Gallery, Gibney, The Craft, The Ace Hotel, Two River Theater, Conwell Dance Theater, as well as multiple parks, lobbies, and rooftops in PA, NY, and NJ. Additionally, she is the Disability Artistry and Projects Associate at Gibney where she produces multi-disciplinary performances, programing for disabled artists, and hosts the Disability. Dance. Artistry. Residency Program.

Title of piece: Don't Undermine Me

Choreographer/Director: Morgaine De Leonardis 

Performers/collaborators: Lena Engelstein, Anna Gichan, Joy Douglas, Kimiko Tanabe, Elisa Hernandez, and Kristen DeLillo

Title of music/Artist: TBD (My musician just backed out) picking a track for the showing ASAP 

Instagram: @morgisgborgg 

“Don’t Undermine Me” is site-specific piece I am creating to debut at Your Move Dance Festival in the ornate lobby of the historical and iconic Lowes Theater in Jersey City, New Jersey this November. With a cast of eight female-identifying performers, the work is a direct response to the subtle and large ways woman are constantly being belittled and condescended. An explosion of laughter, ferocity, softness, and female intensity will expose the performers grueling and/or graceful relationships to power. I’ve chosen to make this piece now because in our current political, social, and artistic climate it is important to lift woman higher. I see the grace my collaborators hold, I see their anger, I see their intolerance & I see their beauty and I am ready to act on it.  “Don’t Undermined Me” is a piece expressing low-tolerance towards patriarchal realities. It is made to make you think about female endurance/power- but more so, to make you feel it. 

Photo by Gisella Sorrentino

Photo by Gisella Sorrentino

Dolly Sfeir (Dance)

Dolly Sfeir grew up in Lebanon. She has worked with renowned artists such as Robert Moses and Kate Hutter. Sfeir was awarded a creative residency with Jacob’s Pillow, Abingdon Theater, as well as two choreographic residencies with Mare Nostrum. Her choreography has been presented at numerous stages in NYC such as Alvin Ailey City Theater, Laguardia Performing Arts Center and Actor's Fund, and was part of numerous festivals such as The McCallum Theatre Choreography Festival, Nuvu Festival and Awakenings and Beginnings Sfeir was awarded a College of the Arts Scholarship from CSU Long Beach to receive her Dance BFA.

Working Title: a little tense are we

Choreographer: Dolly Sfeir

Performers: James Mertz and Dolly Sfeir

Music/ Sound: Grandfather Clock - The Suntrees Sky

Instagram: @dollysfeir

Photo by Kathryn Butler

Photo by Kathryn Butler

Symara Johnson (Dance)

Symara Johnson, a Portland Oregon native, has immersed herself in choreographic studies globally. Her work varies due to the different influences she’s embraced throughout her life. She has studied on the island of Trinidad and Tobago indulging in Caribbean folk dance, traditional Indian dance, and more. She spent two years gaining a diploma in modern choreography at the renowned Beijing Dance Academy in Beijing, China. Symara is a graduate of SUNY Purchase’s Conservatory of Dance program. She has served as a resident artist at Bearnstow and has presented work at the Bates Dance Festival, Smush Gallery, The Craft, Mount Vernon Community Theatre, ACMA, The Forum Art Space, the Beijing Dance Academy Theatre and DIY venues throughout NYC. She has danced works most notably by & for Kevin Wynn, Alexandra Beller, Rena butler, Jasmine Hearn, Hannah Garner, Nattie Trogdon+Hollis Bartlett, Netta Yerushalmy and more. 

Title: Excerpt from "Now you're 88" 

Performance & choreography: Symara Johnson

Instagram: @symarasaraij

This work is an offering to all the people we transform in and out of through time, a dedication to all our self-made trademarks that have bookmarked memories of who we are. Johnson travels through past, present, and future to speak to all of herself and allows for the audience to witness the evolution of one person. It’s through this work she challenges the idea of identity and how the manifestation and shift of it is everchanging. The foundations of how we identify and characterize ourselves change dramatically through time, these changes are what Symara tries showcase through movement, text, and vocalizations. 

Photo by Luca Renzi

Photo by Luca Renzi

Rannvá Guðrunardóttir Niclasen (Dance)

Rannvá is a contemporary dancer and choreographer originally from the Faroe Islands. Growing up doing gymnastics, she began her dance training when she first moved to Denmark at the age of 17. In 2016 she moved to New York to start the Independent Program at Peridance from which she graduated from in September 2019. Since moving to New York she has performed and/or choreographed for various projects in NYC, Sweden, Denmark and Faroe Islands.

Often addressing uncomfortable and/or unsettling issues in her work, Rannvá tries to find ways to express or deal with things that can be difficult to talk about. She tells stories through a mixture of physically demanding movement and floorwork, while encouraging her dancers to take the material and make it their own, embrace their vulnerability on stage and reveal their most authentic selves.

Title of piece: RUSHTRESS

Choreographer: Rannvá Guðrunardóttir Niclasen

Performers/collaborators: Theresa Fervers, Julia Doori Kim, Yu-Chieh Kao, Daniele Di Felice

Title of music/Artist: Not decided yet

Instagram: @rannvagn

Photo by Marcus Branch

Photo by Marcus Branch

Teddy Tedholm - Resident Artist (Dance)

Described as “anything but conventional” by Dance Magazine, Teddy Tedholm creates work that pushes boundaries. Teddy’s wide-ranging background helps inform his unique movement style. He has worked with Sidra Bell, Douglas Becker, Kate Sicchio, Netta Yerushalmy, Curt Haworth, and many others. He recently finished a months-long choreographic mentorship with Doug Varone. 

A graduate of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Teddy has presented work throughout North America including as a finalist in the Capezio ACE Awards and the McCallum Theater Choreography Festival. He believes that the creation of art can be a valuable research method, a concept that propels his work forever forward and also makes him a highly sought after instructor. Though having taught workshops and set work all over the world, most recently at his alma mater University of the Arts, he enjoys returning to New York where he directs tedted Performance Group. tedted Performance Group is a group of artists of different backgrounds who believe in creating work that defies gender, sexuality, and conventional definition. The group employs elements of dance, theater, technology, and science to stir conversations among audiences to help them better understand the world around them.

Working title: 95 POEMS: Spring (in progress)

Choreographer/Director: Teddy Tedholm in collaboration with performers

Performers/collaborators: Lauren Crosslin, Cameron Dunham, Christian “Niki” Saludez, and Alexis Cash

Instagram: @teddytedholm @tedtedperformancegroup


Oh, Elis & Dan Dauchy.JPG

Laura Sisskin & Dan Dauchy (Music)

Laura Sisskin is an actor, singer/songwriter under alias Oh, Elis, and founder of The Hang, a featured work-in-progress platform supporting artists interested in exploring creative mediums. Most recently, Laura’s debut solo show, You Hold a Pole Everyday, was nominated for a NYIT Award (Outstanding Performance). You can catch her next at Nylon Fusion's This Round's On Us: What is the Big Idea? Festival, Oct. 25-26. Her single, The Most Beautiful Garden, can be heard in the feature film, Ask For Jane, as well as Democracy Now!

Dan Dauchy is a north-eastern based singer/songwriter/developer.  Instead of a traditional release for his debut album, through streaming services, he is in the process of releasing his album solely inside a virtual environment.  This VR project being developed entirely by Dan will hide his songs in a living environment filled with sculpture and animation. The inspiration of this project was an idea about making songs less accessible;  Rather than having art immediately available and easily forgotten, if you want to hear his songs you must travel and find them. It is Dan's hope that not only will users be greeted with a beautiful environment to get lost in but, along the way,  might find an uninterrupted, quiet moment to be alone with a song. The project is called Refine and Blur and is expected to be released this winter.

Instagram & Facebook: @ohelismusic

Oh, Elis & Dan Dauchy (An acoustic set of intimate, roots-influenced folk/soul/indie music.)

Love by Oh, Elis

Raindrops by Dan Dauchy

Cucurrucucu Paloma (Cover)

Pathetic Bluff by Dan Dauchy

Butterflies by Oh, Elis

The Most Beautiful Garden by Oh, Elis